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Fraser Coast Home Brew Competition 2019 Registration

Our home brew competition at 9:30AM, Sunday 5th May. It will be at National Home Brew 1 Old Maryborough Road Pialba 4655.

Judges and stewards are required to be on site by 9:00AM for the briefing! You may now register for the competition.

Registration deadline is midnight April 26th, 2019.

Late registrations will not be accepted after the closing date.

Entries can be mailed or sent by courier after the registration deadline, but please be mindful of travel times. They must be received before Thursday 2nd of May 2019.

Entries are restricted to 2 per Category and 1 entry per style.

1 (One) tall bottle of over 700 ml is required for judging. Stubbies can be problematic – if there is a single infection from one bottle and with carbonation variations between samples submitted so make it a single tallie per entry please brewers.  PET or Glass is OK. Please no stubbies or cans they will not be judged.

Beers will be stored in a fridge upon arrival to settle and will be served at appropriate temperatures for judging.

Entry Fees

To enter the competition it will cost $2 to enter and $5 per entry,  all the money’s are to be by direct deposit the information is on the entry forms.

2018 Comp Results

Entries for the 2018 Fraser Coast were down by about 30% on the 2017 Comp, however, there was a wider reach across the styles range for 2018, which was great to see.
This year, we ran 10 tables of 3 judges. The stewards found themselves incredibly busy throughout the day and did a mighty job keep the flow going. Many thanks for your efforts. Also a big thanks to Rodney who did all the data entry for the scores throughout the day. It’s greatly appreciated.

This year we had brewers attend from as far away as Darwin and Townsville right down into NSW.

Also a special thanks to our sponsors this year (Morgans for the Kit Beer Section) and (Brouhaha@ Maleny for the Keg of Blonde Ale for the dinner beers).

The following medal guidelines are set as per the QABC standard for medals issued
Medal cutoffs:
• 46-50 Points: Gold (Outstanding example of style)
• 42-45.99 Points: Silver (Excellent example of style)
• 38-41.99 Points: Bronze (Very good example of style)

Total Entries 163
Feedback Sheets

Congratulations to the winner of the Highest Scoring Beer of Competition:
Adrian Lambeth with his English Barley Wine

Kit Beer – Highest Scoring
Howard Hathaway with his American Amber Ale

Category Winners

Category 4 Pale Malty European Lager
Alex Taubert 41.33 bronze

Category 6 Amber Malty European Lager
Ben Kirby 38.33 Bronze
Craig Voll 38 Bronze

Category 7 Amber Bitter European Beer
Ben Kirby 42 Silver
Alex Taubert 41 Bronze

Category 8 Dark European Lager
Alex Taubert 44 Silver

Category 11 British Bitter
Ben Lugg 40.33 Bronze

Category 12 Pale Commonwealth Beer

Gavin MacDonald 41.33 Bronze
David Kidd 41 Bronze

Category 13 Brown British Beer
Carl Legros 40.66 Bronze (Dark Mild)
David Watson 40 Bronze

Category 14 Scottish Ale
Craig Voll 43 Silver
David Watson 38.33 Bronze

Category 15 Irish Beer
Jim Perkins 38.33 Bronze

Category 16 Dark British Ale
Clayton Cassel 41 Bronze

Category 17 Strong British Ale
Adrian Lambeth 45.33 Silver

Category 18 Pale American Ale
Alex Taubert 42 Silver

Category 19 Amber and Brown American Beer
Alex Taubert 41.33 Bronze
Howard Hathaway 39.66 Bronze (Kit Beer)
Carl Legros 38.66 Bronze

Category 21 IPA
Ben Kirby 42.66 Silver
Michael McManus 41.33 Bronze
Michael McManus 39.66 Bronze (Red IPA)

Category 22 Strong American Ale
Alex Taubert 40.66 Bronze

Category 23 European Sour Beer
Roger Duncan 40.33 Bronze (Sour Cherry)

Category 24 Belgian Ale
Simon Wever 39.33 Bronze

Category 25 Strong Belgian Ale
Tim Baker 39 Bronze (Raspberry Saison)

Category 28 American Wild Ale
Jim Perkins 40.33 Bronze

Category 29 Fruit Beer
Michael McManus 43.33 Silver (Raspberry Saison)
Luke Agustin 38.33 Bronze (Coconut Porter)

Category 30 Spiced Beer
Carl Legros 42.66 Silver (Coconut Porter)

Category M1 Traditional Mead
Brent Jarmaine 41.33 Bronze (Still Mead)

Category M2 Fruit Mead
Nick Kelly 43.33 Silver (Blueberry Mead)