Beer brite tank

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Beer brite tank

Postby jingying » Thu Jul 06, 2017 3:15 am

All parts of beer brite tanks are made in top-grade certified stainless steel materials (2B or precise polish for available surface). All components are made according to the minimum thickness requirement of different countries. Insulations of un-press elements are made in 2mm-thickness stainless steel (2B or precise polish for available surface).Only certified materials, professional design and manufacturing technique ensure top quality.

1.Capacity:1BBL-300BBL or customized

2. Basic configuration:

2.1 Material: SUS304, inner shell thickness:3mm, cladding thickness:2mm
2.2 Top and bottom with the oval head, equipped with manhole, cleaning ball, pressure gauges, pressure regulating valve
2.3 Miller jacketed is used to cool, SUS304, thickness :1.5 mm
2.4Polyurethane foam is used to keep warm. thickness up to the tank capacity.
2.5Highly polished, welding seam processed well, without concave and convex deformation.

WEMAC is professional beer equipment manufacturer since 1958. @
WEMAC is professional beer equipment manufacturer since 1958.

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